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Murder Mystery Dinner Game. 

Come Join us for our 4th annual murder mystery dinner party.  

Unlike other murder mystery dinners, you get to be a character in the game.  

Monster Ball 2021 

Have you ever wanted to play a murder mystery game, but no one to pay with?

Come Join us October 30th at Devonshire Place for our 4th annual murder mystery dinner to celebrate Dracula's 500th Birthday.  After Registration you will be sent a character description and costume ideas for the party.  Dressing the part is strongly suggested, Once you arrive you will be given prompt's for your character to follow throughout the night to find the killer.  Prizes will be given at the end of the night for

Best Overall Costume (Male/Female), Most Original costume (Male/Female), Scariest Costume (Male/Female), Funniest Costume (Male/Female), and Best Group Costume.  

We have a few different Ticket options to suite everyone 

Monster Ball Dance $25.00: 

Admission into the dance after 8:00 P.M to enjoy fun cocktails and dancing while wearing your favorite monster costume.    

5:00 P.M. Monster Ball Murder Mystery Dinner VIP $150.00

Cocktail hour, Special Announcement during ball, 4 course dinner, reserve seating, open bar for the evening, and admission to the dance party. 

6:00 P.M Monster Ball Murder Mystery Dinner Early Bird $85.00

3 course dinner, 4 drink tickets for the evening, and admission to the dance party. 

As the members of the haunting and haunted gather at the desolate Transylvania castle, this will be an evening away from the mortals where the super natural community can come together to celebrate and carouse!  

During the night of Spooktacular fun one of the party-goers will end up in a grave they have dug for themselves.  Desperate to avoid becoming victims themselves the ghoulish guest will seek out the culprit in their midst.   

perhaps the murder will be the bewitching witch with a cross to bare? a mollified mummy who needs to keep things under wraps?  or possibly a vindictive vampiress who was bitten twice shy? 

What lies ahead is hauntingly complex night during which spooky and the spirited collided to solve a mystery designed to leave you spellbound. 

(Night of Mystery terror in Transylvania Game)   

Enter birthday below to purchase tickets.